Freelancer Websites Where Everyone can Work and Make Money

Freelancer Websites

The World's freelancing economy is on the rise, which is well supported by technological developments. From a survey in United States more than half of the peoples will be freelancing by 2030 and the same trend is going in the other countries also.

According to Payoneer Freelancer Income Report, the average hourly earning by a freelancers globally is $ 21. In other words 70 % of freelancers find work through freelancing platform. The maximum clients counts are from European Countries and United States.

Now if you want to be a freelancer or thinking to become the one, by Signing Up for the freelance platform your chance to find the work is more. Everything in this world is with its positive and negative nature, freelancing is also, just take a look.

Positive Things -

  • Wide range of Job posted at one place 
  •   Easy hiring process
  •   Payment protection is also there
  •  It also help you to find loyal clients around the World  

 Negative Things- 

  • Very tough and High Competition
  • Service Charge( percentage charged from the earning)

If anyone Want to Work and you are new, you should follow the steps like:

  • Build a very Professional profile, which you can show to clients
  • If you find a Job you should offer your clients discount also
  • Search and see testimonials
Here I am telling you about freelancing websites where you can work and make Money. So here we are:

Few Freelance Websites

1. Toptal

Freelancer Websites
 This platform of freelance is for experienced developers, web designer, and finance specialist. Their moto is "Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent". So you can imagine, here screening is very tough. Many leading companies use Toptal to hire freelancers.The average estimated rate are $60 to $200 per hour.

2. Codeable 

Freelancer Websites

It is freelancing Marketplace for WordPress experts. At Codeable only 2 % applicant are accepted. The average earning of freelancer is $70 to $120 per hour. Codeable also handles projects.

3. Cad Crowd

Freelancer Websites

If your are specilised user of CAD and other modeling software, this freelancing website is for you. You can find job related to 3D modeling. CAD design and product design. Client can choose to hire individual professionals or initiat contests. The average earning of freelancer at CadCrowd is $50 to $120 per hour.

 4. 99designs 

Freelancer Websites

If someone have passion in designing something, you are at right place. Here you find the community specilised in the design that is Logo, Website, App and other desingning sevices. At 99design feelancer also get a chance to display their Portfolio.

5. Kolabtree

Freelancer Websites

Kolabtree brings to us scientists, academics, technical writer and researchers. The platfor is suitable for Ph.D persons. Its Project list includes tasks related to clincial research, statistical analysis, data science and food technology. The average earning of freelancer at Kolabtree is $50 to $120 per hour.


Freelancer Websites

If someone is in management consultant or an industry specialist, check out COMATCH. Like other sites COMATCH uses the same calculations to select a person for job. From the job assign to the job completed company keep in touch with the client and the freelancer.

7. Writer Access

Freelancer Websites

It provide the jobs for Writers, translators, editors etc. This company works or find freelancers located in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and United States. The average pay rate is $.02-0.1 per word.

8. Phpworkplace

Freelancer Websites

This website provide all type of jobs for PHP professionals. Freelancer can choose the project in which they are interested and bid for the same. In this sites at Phpworkplace a freelancer can make was much as $5000 per month.

9. Upwork

Freelancer Websites

Upwork is one of the most common used freelancer website, with thousands of the jobs posted weekly. Once you find your matching project weather you are client or freelancer you can post it or bid it.

10. Fiverr 

Freelancer Websites

Fiverr allows freelancers to advertise their business and structure the services into gig packages. Pricing of package depends upon what you choose.


These are the Freelancer Websites Where Everyone can Work and Make Money. Thsese Websites offer everything to the freelancer at home. But, if you want to be successfull, remember to choose your client and jobs very carefully. If you like the blog please comment and share. If someone want to know about business idea please see

Thanking You. 


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